4692 Little Savannah Rd., Cullowhee, NC 28723 (Across from WCU next to Post Office)


Array of ice cream favorites


🍨 QUESTION: Can you make a milkshake out of any flavor of my choice?

ANSWER:  Most certainly, and we even encourage mixing 1 scoop of 2 ice cream flavors if you wish.

🍨 QUESTION: Can you scoop half scoops of 2 different flavors to make 1 scoop?

ANSWER:  Yes, we scoop to please! In fact, you can get 2 delicious ice cream flavors in ANY size you choose!

🍨 QUESTION: Are your kiddie cups just for kids?

ANSWER:   No, they are for all ages because when it comes to ice cream, we are all kids at heart!

🍨 QUESTION: Can I get a kiddie serving on a cone for the kiddie cup price?

ANSWER:   Yes, our kiddie serving is the same price with your choice of a cup or cone.

🍨 QUESTION: Is all of your ice cream gluten free?

ANSWER:   Nearly half of our ice cream is gluten free, but feel free to ask our staff which flavors are gluten free to be sure and also request a fresh scooper.

🍨 QUESTION: Do you have gluten free cones?

ANSWER:   Yes, we will always carry gluten free ice cream cake cones for our customers who have special dietary needs.

🍨 QUESTION: Do you have dairy free options?

ANSWER:   Most certainly ... Our Lemon and Raspberry Sorbet flavors are dairy free ice cream options and you can even get 1 scoop of each!

🍨 QUESTION: If I have food allergies, how do I know what is in each flavor of your ice cream?

ANSWER:   The descriptive tag on the front of each feezer will list the ingredients in each flavor of ice cream; however, if there is any question of it causing an allergic reaction, we recommend you do not sample that flavor. Let us know if you do have a food allergy and we will certainly start scooping with a fresh ice cream scooper just for you!

🍨 QUESTION: Are you going to be open in the winter?

ANSWER:   Yes, we will be open the same hours even in the winter.  We will be closed for Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year's Eve and New Year's Day.